Let’s Clear Up the Confusion

Stupid people seeing this blog apparently think I wrote this stuff. I did not. This is the “super secret members-only” blog created by Patrick G. Grady of Palatine, IL at the suggestion of WJJ Hoge III, who wants people to believe that this entire blog was created to FOOL me. This post is the only one written by me. The rest of the blog are screencaps, in chronological order of the “super secret” blog that I was SUPPOSED to find, including the plot to mail horseshit, the jail uniform, and the forged letter Hoge introduced into evidence at his failed Contempt Hearing.

Today, I was found not guilty in the Carroll County District Court of violating an invalid peace order. As it was set for one year, it was an invalid order from the day it was created, Hoge and others disagree, but they will have to argue with CJ § 3-1506 as to whether or not a District Court judge can modify or vacate a peace order issued by a circuit court. Hoge and is idiot back pocket “lawyer” Aaron Walker say she can’t. The law says she can. So who will win that argument?

And now, one reader in particular is making death threats to me and veiled threats to the judge who acquitted me. These have been reported to Law Enforcement, WordPress, Automattic, and to the Court Commissioner in Carroll County. Threatening me is one thing, even a veiled threat to a sitting judge? That’s a bad, bad thing.

I wouldn’t expect Hoge or Grady to have blogs much longer, but that depends on WordPress taking its responsibilities seriously. And now, it’s not just me. It’s me and the law enforcement establishments of Carroll County and Howard County Maryland,

It’s time for the madness to stop.

And speaking of madness, I welcome you to this tiny, insignificant little honey pot of a blog that I was meant to find all along that was scraped from WordPress the moment Grady was aware that I knew about it, although the vast majority was successfully pulled from Google Cache. Watch as Grady goes from more-or-less mild-mannered bipolar nebbish who is pissed at my reaction to a hate comment on my blog, to the psychotic, ranting, foaming crazed person he has become.

It’s a thing to see.